About Frontispiece

After studying Graphic Design at the University of Zagreb and many years of working in the Marketing Department of Croatian Telecom, Davor Pukljak founded Frontispis, a small studio for web and graphic design.

Why “frontispiece”?

fron·tis·piece noun

  1. a : the principal front of a building; b : a decorated pediment over a portico or window
  2. a : an illustration preceding and usually facing the title page of a book or magazine

✧ Middle French frontispice, from Late Latin frontispicium facade, from Latin front-, frons + -i- + specere to look Merriam Webster


In searching for a name for the company that will satisfy bureaucratic constraints and not be stereotypical, the name “frontispiece” came about. Back in the age when a cover was not purchased together with the book, customers, depending on their abilities, bounded books in leather, cardboard or paper. Until the early twentieth century, book covers were not illustrated. However, on the page opposite the title (later on the title page), there was an engraving of the façade of a temple. This façade-or frontispiece-was the finest example of graphic art. This is why it was chosen to be the name of our company. Frontispiece describes what we strive for – top quality, excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Company info:

Full name: Frontispiece LLC for Trade and Services
Abbreviated name: Frontispiece LLC
Headquarters: Trnava VII. 9, Zagreb, Croatia
The company is registered in the commercial register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under MBS: 080855255
Share capital: HRK 20,000 paid in full
Board of directors: Davor Pukljak
Bank account: Raiffeisenbank Austria, IBAN: HR7124840081106568475