Internet advertising has proven to be very cost effective. You do not need a big budget (even $2 a day is enough for a start) and unlike other media, you can measure the results easily. The Internet is a medium that tolerates mistakes – if a campaign does not show good results, it is easy to change. You can test many creative solutions at the same time, without enormous costs.

Advertising on Google or Facebook?

The most common online advertising works through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Which one is right for your campaign depends on the target group:

98% is Google search
  • Almost all Croatian users use Google*. In the USA, this share is only 67%.
    * according to statistics of the web sites that we host at the time of publishing
  • Ads are displayed related to the keyword entered into the search field – more likely to attract interested users
  • Google users do not need to have a profile on one of the social networks
1.28 billion Facebook users
  • In Croatia, Facebook has about 1.6 million users, which is about 36% of the population
  • Ads are displayed depending on the country, language, sex, age or interests of users
  • Ads can be accompanied with Facebook applications, sweepstakes, profiles, etc.

The price of Internet advertising is specific to each campaign, depending on the daily budget, the cost of clicks and the number of different creative solutions.

Why should the content be optimized for search engines?

Do you know the difference between 'search bar' and 'address bar?'
“Search bar” should take you to Google and display the search results. In the “address bar” you should enter the URL of the page where you want to go. However, there is a huge number of users who cannot distinguish these two fields. If you use Google Chrome, you will not find two boxes any more, but only one.

Today, users no longer remember web site address  (URLs), but expect Google to take them there. However, they often do not get the expected result, or the requested page is on the fifth, tenth or hundredth page. The reason lies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

No matter how smart Google is, search results are based on keywords and meta tags that should be coded on each page. If they are illegible or badly written, Google will place the page lower on the search results page.

SEO service is included in all our web packages but can also be ordered for the websites that were not designed by us.