Did you know that every day you see 3,000 marketing messages, from toothbrushes, a mailbox full of advertisements, greeting messages on your mobile phone or computer, clothing, mugs and the coffee in it? Everything ultimately comes down to buying and selling, regardless of whether it is shampoo, accounting services or charity.

Invest in creating a brand identity to:

  • make it easier for the customer to buy your product
  • make it easier for the sales force to sell your product
  • maximize the value of your brand
  • increase product recognition and awareness, and ensure customer loyaltyv
All companies have the same goal – to increase the value of the investments to their owners. The brand or the company’s reputation is its most valuable resource.

The identity of a brand must be:

  • bold, memorable and convenient
  • easily recognizable
  • persistent reflection image of company
  • permanent value
Unlike advertising, where a new advertising campaign is lauched each year, the brand identity must last. Brands are created and built over time and make a lasting investment.

Vision and position

Creating a brand identity is very rarely a democratic process. The brand needs a vision, and vision is created by strong leadership. The best brands are based on the grand idea, the strategic position, the value system, the voice that stands out from the crowd. A good brand carries meaning for customers, employees and owners. The brand should be clearly positioned to sell on a constantly changing market.

Brand positioning turns obstacles into opportunities, and is related to four elements: