Your customers will recognize your brand by its logo, the symbol and typography. The logo is the permanent value of your company. If well designed, it’ll last twenty years until the first redesign. Converting complex idea into its visual essence requires skill, imagination, intuition, technical excellence and experience and lots and lots of studies. There is a huge responsibility to design something that would be played hundreds of thousands, if not millions of times over twenty years.

If it is a re-design, the designer must carefully examine the value of the existing symbol and its meaning for the company. Sometimes it just needs to be redrawn draw in a new, more contemporary, style. Color is an important element of the logo. The brand, which has a distinctive color is recognizable even without other markings. Just remember the Ferrari or Milka.

Price Includes
approx. €130, $175 or £110 Two preliminary and a final solution. Preparation of vector and raster versions of the logo for use in print (CMYK) and electronic media (RGB), and monochrome and colour versions.

Prices in the table are approximate, final price will be calculated in Croatian kuna and converted to your currency. Prices are subject to VAT