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The WordPress content management platform is developed and improved by tens of thousands of developers and designers and WordPress holds 60% of the market (the other is Joomla with 9%).
55% of sites hosted on Apache servers
Free software includes the Unix operating system, PHP programming language and MySQL system for managing  databases.

There are two ways in which web agencies do their job

  • Classic software is developed within a single company. Programmers write code, hide it behind the binary code and charge you to use the software. And then you are charged more when something goes wrong. You are strapped to the company, its architecture, protocols and file formats. You become dependent to the provider and his resources. We believe that this process is not fair and that is why we do not work this way.
  • Open Source software is developed within an online community that counts tens of thousands of programmers. All work together, the best solution wins and errors are quickly detected and corrected. When you purchase an Open Source product, you (or someone you hire) can see the code, modify it and adapt it because it is not hidden and you do not have to worry if the provider fired the developer.

Open Source is fair

Just as free sharing of information moves society forward, the development of open technologies creates innovations for the entire industry. So, we will not lie and say we have programmed everything by ourselves – we do not want to mystify our job. We use proven and safe solutions so we can deliver a quality product. Software solutions developed in the open source community are of a better quality, higher security and easier to integrate. And all this is done much faster and cheaper. For example, why would you pay €3,000 for making your online store, wait for three months so you can serve as a guinea pig, looking for errors that the programmer has overlooked? On the other hand, a much better solution, verified by hundreds of developers and tens of thousands of users, will be online for only two to three weeks and cost you three times less.

What will you get with Open Source solutions?

  • Security - because more eyes will find a mistake faster
  • Quality - as they are tested by thousands of users
  • It is easier to adapt to each user’s needs
  • You are not tied to one programmer or company
  • You do not have to continually pay for new versions
  • Quality assurance is provided to you by other users, not the manufacturer
  • All the problems have probably already discovered and documented
  • Much lower price because you do not pay for product development
  • All solutions are tested by thousands of users
  • For every expansion there’s probably a solution