One of the best methods to increase revenue is to start an online business or online store. If you are looking for a way to sell your products or services but you do not have a large sum of money, an online store is a great way to quickly start a business. Online store presents a lower risk for small and medium enterprises. The cost of failure is much lower than in the “real” store. If it is successful, because of the lower costs, a web store will bring more revenue to the owner and thus the possibility of expansion.

Why start your own online store?

Lower budget for starting a business
Unlike a “real” store, for which you need to buy or rent an office space, the launching of a web shop is relatively inexpensive. All you need is a domain, web hosting and our web shop solution, which will cost between €920 and €1,300.
Lower maintenance costs
A web store needs no inventory that has to be renewed, there are no walls that need to be painted or flooring that needs to be sanded every year or every other year. A “real” shop requires a lot of maintenance. A web shop, on the other hand, is easy to rearrange. If you realize that something is not positioned correctly or that your business has changed significantly, the design is very easy to change.
Larger market
With an online store you are not limited to your neighborhood, town or region. If you want, the whole world can be your market.
Easier management
It is important that the online store has a stable payment system that will not cost too much. There are dozens of payment systems on the market, some are better suited to stores selling larger quantities of lower priced products, while others are better suited to stores that have fewer customers, but sell more expensive products.
Lower operating costs
An online business does not require large staff. You do not need a security guard, cleaner or cashier. Almost all business is automated, you need only a person who will take care of the warehouse and packing products.