Today it is almost inconceivable that a company does not have a web site. The Internet has changed the way we do business, it has opened many doors for small and medium-sized companies and enabled them to compete with corporations. Successful web site design, combined with internet marketing can enable your company to be more successful and expand the customer base.

What makes a good web design?

  • A good first impression instills confidence in your company, services and products.
  • Visitors should feel the urge to explore the web site, they must be “drawn in”.
  • Quality of information is what the visitors expect. If they do not get it, they will not return.
  • Easy navigation and short, readable pages with logically segmented text reduce visitor’s frustration.
  • Contemporary design that follow the latest trends will increase the chance for a comeback.

Unlike many agencies, we do not believe that the design is in itself enough. The design must promote your business. Over the years, we have come across a multitude of web sites that are perfectly designed but are, in a business sense, a complete failure.

How do we make a website?

Do not worry, we know that our clients do not have much experience in making websites. It often happens that you order a redesign from us because you are not satisfied with your former agency. We do not expect you to have all of the content at the beginning. We will work with you to explore your potentials and wishes, your vision and business philosophy and, based on that, we will start to create a web site. For us it is very important that you are a collaborator in the design process. After all, a web site is your property and it is imperative to us that you are satisfied with it. Web media is specific in many ways and the content that you will provide has to be modified. We shall simplify and shorten texts and adapt them to the visitor’s language.

Content updates

A web site is not a static product, it has to be constantly refreshed. New content attracts visitors (and search engines), giving them up to date information. Attractive content will attract readers and develop the habit of returning, which creates a sense of loyality and trust.

Update on request
If your web site needs to be only be refreshed occasionally we will charge you our regular price per hour as specified in the price list.
Maintenance Agreement
If you want to leave maintenance to the professionals, we will offer you a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual flat rate with a discount, depending on the workload, frequency and complexity of the updates. Details of these contracts are negotiated with each client individually.
Should you want to modify and add your own content, you will need a content management system. You can easily edit all of the content from any computer by simply using your Internet browser. We will train you to work with CMS and prepare simple instructions.

Price list

Every web site is specific so the prices, discounts and payment methods are agreed upon with each client individually. The table therefore contains only approximate amounts.

PACKAGE Mini Midi Midicms Maxicms
Contemporary design
Content Management System
No. of templates* 5 8 8 12
Text and image editing
Photo gallery
SEO & Google Analytics
PRICE (approx) €590, $790 or £475 €720, $965 or £580 €880, $1,175 or £705 €970, $1,300 or £780
Additional language €120, $160 or £95 €185, $245 or £150 €26, $35 or £21 €26, $35 or £21
Mobile version €200, $265 or £160 €200, $265 or £160 €26, $35 or £21 €26, $35 or £21
Maintenance, per hour €33, $45 or £26 €33, $45 or £26 €26, $35 or £21 €26, $35 or £21

* The template in this list means a web page with a unique design, for example. Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, Gallery, News, etc.. If you wish to publish news and photo galleries on your web site twe will count it as one page, regardless of the final number of posts or album.

CMS = Content Management System enables rapid change of content. If you wish, you can manually edit the page (see “refreshing content”). All prices are not subject to VAT. Prices in the table are approximate and subject to change. The final price will be calculated in Croatian kuna and converted to your currency.