Dedicated to our craft.

Frontispis is a graphic and web design studio from Zagreb. The studio is named after the illustration found at the beginning of old books – the frontispiece – so as to remind us of our goal – to always strive to create work at the highest level of quality as did the old masters of graphic art.


As we have designed almost 50 books, we can honestly say that we are passionate about designing book covers and creating graphic layouts for books. We are privileged to have worked for several independent British publishers and look forward to every new project.

Visual identity.

We have a long standing collaboration and friendship with the Midsummer Scene Theatre Festival, which traditionally marks the beginning of summer in Fort Lovrjenac. Our task is to provide them with posters, leaflets and brochures.


It is particularly challenging to design and find a logo, colour and font that will represent a company, association or product, but it is also an enormous pleasure when we succeed.


The graphic design of magazines is usually associated with short deadlines and numerous changes of plans. You can see an example of our design solution for The List shopping guide.

Web design.

When it was first established, Frontispis primarily did web design. With time, we became more orientated towards graphic design but still continue to create two to three web sites a year.


In 2020, we expanded our business to include comic book publishing. We publish books by the Belgian comic book artist Franz and you can order them online .